A Glimpse Into My Life...

1. I once fell through a garage roof with my best friend Terri Hammill! It belonged to a crabby neighbor lady and we climbed up there just because we could. Sadly to say...we ran away without owning up that we did it and the poor woman may have had to park her car in the street that day. 

2. My favorite book in the Bible is Song of Songs...Jesus is a hopeful romantic! 

3. My dad calls me "Boop". No one else is allowed. 

4. I love orphans! I don't love that they are orphans, but my heart breaks for them to know that they are wanted and not cast aside. If I had a huge house, I would love to fill it will orphans and make them my full time job! 

5. I thoroughly enjoy studying people. I'm always wanting to know what goes on inside people's heads and can get frustrated at times that I don't have free access! 

6. I once held a yellow albino burmese python around my neck and cried. I was in college, student teaching kindgergartners who were braver than I was. 

7. I'm dangerous when I ride my bike. I've hit geese, a turtle, a deer, a golf cart and at least 3 snakes. If you see me at the State Park, move to the other side of the path. 

8. In 4th grade, I was a really mean little girl. I kicked all of the boys in the shins until they cried for mercy. I had them all under my reign and rule...everyday, during snack time they had to bring me a snack on their scheduled day or I'd kick them at recess. I returned back to normal in 5th grade. 

9. One of my heart's dreams is to travel to Ireland and Italy. 

10. I feel passionate for people to know how God feels about them! He loves you...He wants you...He delights in showing you mercy (Micah 7:18)...and He finds you absolutely beautiful (Song of Songs 4:9)! He is the one place where you will find significance. 

11. I want to be an amazing cook someday...and yet, today's not that day. 

12. I can't handle it when my bathroom is dirty and get bugged when I don't have time to stop and clean it...ewww! 

13. I can't handle watching blood and gore in movies because it's always shocking to me that there's that much evil and mutilation in the world. 

14. When I sleep at night, I can't have anything on my feet and my covers have to be perfectly straight. It has happened that I'll get up in the middle of the night and remake my bed so that everything is in its proper place! 

15. I hate selfishness...in me and in others! Its so much more fun to serve other people and help them win. 

16. I think gift cards are the greatest gifts to recieve! It's validation that everyone who knows me approves and supports my love for buying things. However, I hate to give gift cards to people because I enjoy giving gifts with meaning and thought. 

17. In light of #16, God is breaking my addiction to materialism. 

18. I'm addicted to wearing new clothes. 

19. In light of #18, God is breaking my addiction to materialism. 

20. I love the word 'finger'. It sounds really funny in my head...along with the word 'bootie' and 'loot'. 

21. My family has a generational curse of heart disease and obesity. I want it to end with my generation. 

22. I once got bit by a rattlesnake on my tennis shoe. It was at the State Park. Snakes and I do not get along. 

23. I love reading and studying. I think the Bible is the most fascinating book ever filled with secrets and treasures if I will only spend my life searching them out. 

24. I had a traumatic experience as a child combining my older sister, a vacuum cleaner and my hair. You put it all together. 

25. I'm so very thankful that I get to work with my heroes every day who challenge me to learn more and be more like Christ. 

26. My first name means "holy one or separate one". I like that! My middle name means "follower of Dionysius'. I don't like that! My two names are a contradiction. 

27.  I have been on staff at Redeemer Fellowship Church since June 1st, 2003. I serve there as the children's director and worship leader. I have a messy office and my keyboard's name is Rolanda. She makes pretty sounds. 

28.  There was once a book called "The Five Love Languages." I think only one is accurate...Time. The other 4 submit to time because it take time to express any love language. 

29.  I am hoping that when there is finally a new heaven and a new earth and I will have my new resurrected body that starbursts and lifesaver gummies will be one of the 5 food groups. 

30.  I am waiting for God to fulfill one major promise in my life. I hate waiting. Yet, while I wait I see my faith growing. 

31.  My best friend, Terri, and I used to work at an insurance company together. We drove everyone crazy. Finally, I think, our boss reached her limit and let us both go due to "cutbacks." I think she just couldn't handle the giggling. Work is serious. Don't smile. :)

32. I like coffee with my creamer.

33. My dad doesn't believe man ever stood on the moon. He is convinced it's a conspiracy that involves the Russians. I think this is funny. 

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