Sunday, September 4, 2011

Right Now

I'm being challenged by thankfulness. I'm challenged by my lack of it and I'm challenged by the raw power of it. I'm challenged by how quickly thankfulness humbles me and slaughters my pride and stubborn heart. I'm challenged by how God's love language is a thankful heart. It must be. Thankfulness is the only thing I find in Scripture that is the doorway to His presence, His nearness.

Thankfulness makes right now a sanctuary for God. It's an invitation to the Almighty One to enter this present moment...and now this present moment. It's a glorious intrigue that pulls Him to invade my very thoughts, circumstances, failures, blue skies and dreams. Thankfulness is powerful enough to stop despair in its tracks and replace it with peace and joy and newness.

Too often I spend my thought-life thinking and chasing after the future. I'm driven to experience the next best thing. What I have obtained and am currently experiencing is on the less green side of the fence. There's always something better on the horizon if I can just strain hard enough to get there. Thankfulness puts me in my present place. It's a gift that allows me not to miss a moment of joy over what God is doing this split second in my life. What is spinning around me right now? I hear the crickets singing outside my window which reminds me that the earth is the Lord's and everything in it. He is sovereign over creation and He is sovereign over me. I sit in a beautiful apartment which reminds me of His tenacious provision for me. If I only live for the next best thing, I miss the thousand moments that He has tried to reveal Himself today. If I only  live for the next best thing, time flies and I don't know where it went. Thankfulness stops the rapid advancement of time. It causes my mind to pause and reflect on the glory of God all around me and in me. I am a work in progress in the hand of my Maker. The progress is happening right now...and right now.

Jesus gave thanks. When Jesus gave thanks in Scripture, it was usually in the middle of the most mundane activities - breaking bread, cooking fish. But just a few words after His thankfulness, incredible miracles took place, like when 5000-10,000 people were fed on a hillside or at an evening supper the night before He saved me through His torture and death. I believe thankfulness carries the power of heaven and ushers that power into right now.

I want to be a professional thank-er. Thankfulness is a lifestyle of worship.

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  1. Love this. God has been working with me on this the past couple weeks too. This makes me even more glad to hear your thoughts on it.