Saturday, July 16, 2011

On The Road Again...

I'm sitting in a hotel in Dayton, Ohio. I love hotels. For some reason, they make my heart happy! Even though I'm technically still in the midwest and only a few hours from home, I am in a constant state of giddyness when I'm on a road trip.
The coolest picture of Olivia EVER!

I'm here with Olivia Wantz and her family who are pastors at Linden Avenue Baptist Church. Olivia went to our ministry school this past year and leads the worship ministry at Linden Avenue. I am going to be teaching on worship, identity and intimacy over the next 3 days. I'm excited to meet these people tomorrow morning. God has filled my heart with compassion for them and I believe He is going to do great things in them. I know He is going to speak to them. Why not? I believe God speaks to us today. I believe God wants to speak to us and has many things to say if we will but lend an eager ear and quiet our mouths long enough to listen. I love telling people how much God loves them and what He thinks about them...He only thinks good things. He is only happy over us. I know this is true because He poured out every last bit of wrath over sin upon Jesus when He was crucified. He has none left...which means He is completely free to do nothing but enjoy us and delight in us. If that doesn't move your heart to love Him and worship Him, what will? I get to share these things starting tomorrow and I'm excited to do this.

Tonight Olivia's dad, Doug, grilled the best hamburger I think I've ever had and then topped it off with strawberry cheesecake. This will lead to interesting dreams in hopefully a few minutes in my hotel room bed. Insert sigh of contentment.

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