Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Kids

I know the title of my blog is "The musings of a worship leader," but today I'm really thankful for the other part of ministry that God has given me and that is my kids at Redeemer. Today 3 of my kids (and 1 of Redeemer's youth) were baptized during our church service. A few weeks agos, one of my girls stood in front of the church and shared a prophetic vision that God had given her for our church. This morning as we worshiped, the front of the sanctuary was filled with kids dancing, singing and laughing. I'm so excited about what God is doing in them!

We've had a tradition at Redeemer since I was a child where we call the kids up to the steps every Sunday morning and pray for them before they go on to their classes. This is always one of my favorite moments on Sundays. This morning as they came running up, my heart felt overwhelmed with how wonderful they all are and the greatness that God has in store for them. Our assistant pastor, Josh, has said many times that our ceiling should be the floor of the next generation...meaning everything God gives us will be their starting point in their walk with Him. I truly think this is happening with our wee ones. I've loved growing up at Redeemer. I'm so thankful for our elders and founding members who have gone before me and trained me up. As good as it was, the kids coming up now have an even greater advantage, as will the generation that comes after them. What an honor to give to them what God has given me, to watch them excel in knowledge I've only recently grabbed a hold of. Sometimes I feel like the "old woman who lived in the shoe with so many children she didn't know what to do!" I wonder if I have enough to share with them and love them. But more often than that, I feel like Will Ferrell in Elf (sorry PJ!), in that I don't realize my size and just join in the fun of the little people! Someday I'll grow the meantime, I'll just keep leading and playing with some of the mightiest young warriors in His Kingdom! Not a bad job!

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