Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random musings as I survive the Blizzard of 2011!

Sioux cold! :)
I can't sleep. The blizzard winds are blowing and shaking the walls of my house. I consider myself to be pretty big for my britches, but I'll publicly admit I'm feeling slightly anxious in this storm. Isn't that dumb?! So...I've decided to empty my full head of some thoughts in order to keep myself occupied.

Much has happened over the past month...a trip to New York and Sioux Falls, the Randy Clark conference, and my quiet times alone with God have been more filled with His voice than my own lately (this is my favorite!). My mind has much to process and is filled with questions for God to answer...more questions than usual, which may or may not be surprising to those of you who deal with me on a regular basis! My heart feels overwhelmed with an awareness of God's goodness and big-ness. This past weekend in Sioux Falls, in particular, left me feeling like I was set up by Him! John, Linda and I went to serve/teach/lead worship with one of the kindest groups of people I've ever encountered. I didn't know really what to expect. There is always joy in giving away to others what God has given you. I knew, at the very least, I could count on experiencing that. However, I walked away from this weekend being overly blessed, cared for, provided for, favored, and loved by both God and His Sioux Falls kids. I wasn't expecting the magnitude of this. God caught me off guard and I'm so thankful. January has been such a whirlwind of beautiful Kingdom business! Here are just some of the things that took place:

*I was able to teach and equip worship teams in New York City.
*I met a woman leaving for Africa for full-time mission work and have the privilege of praying for her.
*I drank bubble tea...yum!
*I did NOT eat eel. 
*I became a chopstick champion.
*My dad's knees were healed after 20 years of pain. (See previous blog entry for the full story.)
*I feel more equipped and courageous to pray for the sick and to get over my fear of strangers! :)
*I had a word of knowledge in Sioux Falls about someone's knees needing healing. I was able to share my dad's testimony of his knees being healed. A woman came forward with a severe knee injury and, after praying for her, God healed both of her knees. Fun story!
*God confirmed promises and is filling my heart with hope.
*God provided for me financially in a major way.
*I have more strength at the end of this crazy month then when I started...He is sustainer.

My prophetic declaration??? I'm going to survive the Blizzard of 2011! I'm pretty sure that's an accurate word! Psalm 91 says that no harm will come to my "tent". God's good and big.