Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is a true story. This true story happened on Friday night, January 7th 2011 at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe, Michigan with over 400 witnesses.

Hal Benner has faithfully served the Lord for at least 32 years (that's how many years I've been alive...yep! He's my dad!). For around 20 years he has had no cartilage in both of his knees. He's had much pain on a daily basis. I very rarely heard him complain about it growing up. He would walk as best as he could to keep up with his 3 girls.

On January 7th, he attended the Global Awakening conference with Randy Clark at our church. Randy, during the last song of the worship set, said that he believed many people were going to be healed while the congregation sang. We sang...God healed. Many people were healed, as Randy said. I was scanning the people in awe of what God was doing when I looked and saw that my dad was waving both his arms, indicating that he, too, had been a recipient of "on earth as it is in heaven"!  My dad has had no pain since in either leg! This is something many of us have been praying for for years!

I love this story!!!

PS...the night before, while someone prayed for him they noticed that one of his legs was shorter than the other. It was off by several inches. He's walked with a good size limp for a long time. As they prayed, his short leg grew to the same length as his long leg. They're equal size now. Now, the only reason he has to walk with a limp is if he's trying to be ghetto daddy! YO YO DAWG! God's fun!

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  1. Now aren't you all sad that you weren't there to see this in person? There is more of this coming, Church. Get your hearts ready!