Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreaming Myself Out of a Mindset of Mediocrity

I don't want to come to the end of my life with any regrets. I heard someone say recently that "mediocrity is violent and gives power to the spirit of poverty. A poverty spirit is about you living with meager possibilities when Jesus said, 'All things are possible.'" the end of my life, I want my human footprint on earth to say:

*I discovered my fullness of potential in Christ Jesus.
*I lived taking risks.
*I lived thoroughly enjoying the majesty of God.
*I didn't live conservatively, but lived boldly and outrageously in love towards God and others.
*I fully capitalized on my relationship with the Holy Spirit.
*I finished completely exploring my present and my future in the Father.
*I was a woman of great faith.
*I moved through circumstances joyfully attacking the negatives in my life.
*I won't look back to see I'd been entirely too passive. 
*I influenced and inspired as many people as God wanted me to. 
*I lived in the grace of God refusing to be bound by any chains.
*I pursued freedom and excellence in order to occupy the space made available by the Holy Spirit.
*I was a pioneer...not a settler.
*I determined to find the best that God has and plundered it with all I'm worth. name a few.