Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Road to Emmaus...

This past week at Redeemer we studied the story of the couple walking along Emmaus Road. For me, this story brought new revelation and hope to trust God to finish what He started, even when present circumstances seem bleak, chaotic or confusing. I'm so thankful for the way God encourages my heart and strengthens me to keep running the race He's set before me. 

Today while reading, I found some thoughts on this story by Winnie Banov that I think are interesting. I've included them below:

In Luke 24 we find two people on the road to Emmaus just days after Jesus had been crucified and buried. As they were walking, the resurrected Jesus showed up and said, "What is going on, guys? You look really sad." 

They were so disillusioned and confused. "Haven't you heard? You must be a stranger!" they replied. 

Jesus kept His poker face and said, "Tell Me what happened; fill Me in."

"We thought that Jesus was going to get us all out of the mess we were in." When they were finished telling their sad story, He began speaking and opened up the Word to them. They liked what they were hearing and asked Him to stay awhile longer. He agreed, and they sat down to eat together. All of a sudden, their scaly eyes were opened. Jesus revealed Himself and they now saw that it was the Resurrected One who was speaking with them all along. What a marvelous reunion! Then in the blink of an eye, Jesus disappeared. 

The "vanishing act" bothered me for quite some time. I asked, "Lord, why didn't You stay with them for a while and hang out? You labored with them all of that time. You were there, and they finally 'got it,' but then You disappeared. You didn't even hang out for dessert." 

Finally He helped me connect the dots. They were kept from recognizing Jesus on purpose - Jesus was teaching them a new form of communication. On their way back to Jerusalem, they were talking to each other and saying, "Were not our hearts burning within us? Were not our hearts burning when He was speaking to us?" He was teaching them to recognize the burning of the Word in their hearts, and His burning passion in their spirits. Since Jesus was no longer going to walk around with them in His earthly body, they had to start learning this new communication system right away. 

Pay attention to those burning passions and desires, for you have no idea the places that they will take you to. As you follow their lead, you will find yourself doing exactly what God has called you to do.


  1. Hi Holly,

    Could you tell me where you got the road image for this post? I'd love to purchase a hi-res of it if possible!


    Jeremiah Jones

  2. Wow, I appeciate that insight, Holly. I am preparing a sermon for tomorrow on this subject and was already going on this direction. But you worded it very well. Praise the Lord, sister!

  3. Great insight -- thanks for sharing!