Thursday, June 24, 2010


My first CD, Created to Worship, arrives today! 

What an adventure and learning experience this has been! So many people have served and given much effort and support for this project and I thank God for them. 

The CD's can be purchased at Redeemer Fellowship Church (734-242-5277) or through the following link:

It will be available on iTunes in a few weeks. 

My heart was to do a live CD at my home church of Redeemer in Monroe, Michigan. God has poured out His great favor in our church in regards to worship. Our people LOVE to worship and have great heart's of honor and excitement over God's presence. I praise God that this is the culture I've grown up in. I wanted our worship experience to be captured for others to hear. My prayer is that this CD will be tool for other worship leaders and that as people listen, they will be caught up into the love and presence of God. Blessings!