Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He is the I AM...not the I WAS or I WILL BE

My title of this post has been stolen from John Piippo out of his blogpost called "The Sacrament of the Present Moment." You can read his post here: 

His post has me thinking much on how "present" God is. He is present, as in near and He is present, as in past or future. I spend so much effort on waiting for God to come. My thoughts are propelled forward that He will come through SOON. I'm in waiting mode. This may be a season for me right now. I am waiting for Him to bring about certain things in my life. But, I find myself getting so caught up in the waiting that I forget He desires to be with me right now...and right now...and He has peace to bring in this very moment. He has righteousness to dress me in at this precise time. He wants to hear my voice tomorrow, but how much more fun for Him if I talk to Him right now. 

I don't mean to do this, but I find myself often waiting to talk to God until I can put my best foot forward. Without being aware of it, I wait until I only have "pretty" things to bring to Him. I'm realizing more and more that He isn't concerned with my condition when I come to Him. He's concerned about whether I will come. He and all that comes with that package. He wants my goodness and my funk. He wants my joy, my righteousness. He wants my fears and my anger, frustration and confusion. He wants my submission and my stubbornness. He wants my wisdom and my ignorance. He I can't pretty my heart up and put a bow on it and think that I can present myself to Him any more wonderful than what He already thinks. 

Today, I was reading a quote about prayer and relationship with God, and the person had this to say:

Do you remember Moses at the burning bush? God had to tell him to take off his shoes - he didn't know it was holy ground. And if we can just come to see that right where we are is holy ground - in our jobs and homes, with our co-workers and friends and families. This is where we learn to pray. 

I love this! Moses was the Old Testament deliverer! He saw things of God that in my wildest dreams I'm hungry to experience. He was a super-giant...and yet, God had to inform him he was standing on holy ground. Moses, the super-giant, was naive and blind just as I, in my human state, am naive and blind to many things of God. This brings such hope and freedom to my heart! God will use anyone yielded and hungry for Him. He will even use someone He is the NOW God. He wants to be in all things...this moment...and now this moment. He's ready to talk now. He's ready to move now. Every moment of our lives can be holy ground because He is invited into it. His desire is for me...and for you. 

This makes me hungry for Him, which is a great place to be. 


  1. Thanks Holly for sharing this!

  2. First of all... I would like to know why I never knew this blog existed. Now I know what has been missing in my life.

    Secondly, I never thought that about Moses before. I always think, "Wow... he was on holy ground." but never considered the fact that God had to TELL him he was. Whew... I feel much better about myself.

    Wub you.