Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nothing Ordinary about this One...

Peter wrote of Jesus in his first letter that, "He committed no sin and no deceit was found in His mouth." Jesus stated several times in the Gospels that He only came to do or say what He heard the Father say...meaning if no deceit was found in Jesus' mouth, than no deceit is found in the Father's mouth. 

In Revelation 12:10 Satan is called "the accuser of the saints." His job is to rob, steal, kill and destroy. There is no truth in him. 

There is a clear distinction between these two worlds. Truth - lies. Life abundant - death. Love - hatred. Grace - accusation.  Purposed identity - useless existence. Transformation - stagnancy. Hope - hopelessness. The difference is screamingly obvious. I've known love from the One and known torment from the other.

Why, then, do we (I) spend so much of our waking moments attributing the attributes of Satan to the Father and vice versa? Why do we day after day choose to believe that the lies are truth and the truth are lies? Our Father, who has no deceit in His mouth, says throughout His Word that He delights in us. He chose us. He's forgiven us. He's set us apart. He calls us sons and daughters and with us...He is well pleased. Why do we (I) exchange these things that we have given our life to believe for the lies of our adversary? Satan's hell is easier to believe than the Father's heaven. I sing praise to my God on Sunday and spend the other 6 days of the week calling Him a liar when He's kind and loving to me. I, in turn, take the side with the accuser by telling God He cannot possibly love something if I have some hidden wisdom and discernment that He doesn't have. 

God...the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit...has done nothing but love me and wash me in purpose, grace, kindness and power. He has no motive other than to make me better. He's with me to the end...for better or worse. He's fully committed. There is no other option for Him but to love me endlessly and to save me according to the plans He's made for me. Divorce will not take place. Who can compare to our God? Who is like Him? He is extra-ordinary. Accusers are found everywhere you turn...but true love? It's found in One place. 

When I refuse to believe God's love for me, I make Him ordinary. When I refuse to believe who He defines me to be, I make Him ordinary. I make Him like every other accusatory, negative thing on earth.  The most humble thing we can do is walk around with holy confidence that the God of the Universe finds us to be splendid, intriguing, worthy of rescue, curious, delightful, talented, child-like, pleasing, luminant, funny, captivating...the ones He wants to spend His time with. Arrogance sides with the accuser to tell God He is wrong to call us any of those things.

How can I believe in the miraculous resurrection of Christ and not believe that I'm loved and forgiven always? Holy Spirit...humble my heart to receive your gift of love, identity and acceptance. Tonight, I side with the voice of Truth. Silence the accuser.

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