Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beggars and Royalty

A little while back, I was sitting outside at a coffee shop downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a beautiful night and there were so many people walking around that I had alot of fun on my perch watching them and hearing snippets of their conversations. Sometimes it's fun to do that because it reminds me of how big God's love is. All of those people are known and loved by their Father. He sees every detail of all of their lives. It's really easy to be so self-absorbed and think that God is only involved in what happens with ME! But, His love is so big.

As I was reading and, of course, drinking my caramel-goo-coffee with whipped cream, I was approached by a man who appeared to be homeless, begging on the streets. He asked me for $.50. I told him that I didn't have any change but he could have a dollar. His face lit up at the prospect of getting double what he asked for, and then he turned it around and asked if I'd give him $2.00! I kind of enjoyed his persistence.

As he walked away, the first thing I thought of was how child-like his heart must be to be able to make his needs known to a complete stranger. I feel so often that I have trouble having this heart towards God, who knows me. I tend to want to deal with everything on my own rather than to ask the King of kings for help, as if I'd be a bother to Him or maybe He wouldn't have enough. I thought it was interesting, too, that this man asked only for $.50. Why wouldn't he have shot for the moon and then worked downward? Maybe he would have received a better pay off. Or, maybe he's been rejected so many times that he knew to have high expectations would only bring disappointment.

As I was wondering about him in the 2.4 seconds it took for him to walk away, God said to me, "You're not a beggar, but royalty. And, I want you to be child-like and come to me with your heart, but you ARE to shoot for the moon because I made it. All that I have is yours." How often do I go to God as a beggar, hoping that He'll answer me just enough to get by? God, give me only $.50 of your goodness because I'm not sure if you'll give me $100.00 when asked for it. I approach Him like a beggar, rather than a royal child of the King...a royal child's voice is always heard by their Father, the King. I want to continually walk around like I'm homeless and tattered when He's brought me into His house and dressed me in pure white without blemish.

The man wouldn't give me his name, but I prayed for him as he rounded the corner, out of my view, that God would reveal to him that he's not a beggar, but a son of God. I'm asking God to continue that revelation in my heart, as well.

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